Pershing Continuation High School is home to the BEST kids in Central Unified!

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Pershing Continuation High School!  The staff at Pershing are delighted to welcome you to the Mustang Family!  We are dedicated to providing a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for all students.  At Pershing, we practice Mustang Respect.  We respect ourselves, we respect others and we respect property.   We are proud to have a clean, neat and orderly campus for our students.   

Our classrooms are rigorous learning environments, in which we are using the core curriculum adopted by Central Unified.  What is different is the small class sizes and the level of support offered by teachers.    It is important that we graduate students who are ready for College, Career and Community.   We do whole school writing and math prompts to practice for college and standardized testing.  Our goal is to have 100% of our seniors signed up for, tested and registered for Classes at one of the Community Colleges.   Twice a year we have a career day where students learn about different careers from speakers who are in those careers.  

An important part of our campus is fun, while learning.  We have sports teams such as Flag Football, Coed Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Soccer, Mushball and even Arm wrestling.  Our FFA Leadership class goes to many activities and gives students a chance to learn career skills such as resume writing.  We also take students to the Leadership Academy at Scout Island.   We also partner with the Fresno Elks Lodge for two projects each year.  In the fall semester we have  the Mt. Olympus Challenge where students solve a problem in their community and compete for money and business clothing.  In the spring semester students interview veterans on camera and those recordings are sent to the Veterans Museum in Fresno.  

This year will be my Ninth year at Pershing and my second year as Principal.  I look forward to coming to school each morning to see the staff and students.   I can’t wait to see each and every one of you, everyday this year! 

Our students picked the slogan for this year; “One step at a time.”  We will work with all students step-by-step to make up missing credits, pick up grades and to start thinking about and investigating possible career paths.  

We are going to have a great year this year!!!

Mrs. Young